A place to be

Thursday, 10 August 2023, 00:43 AM

The Web used to be full of places to go. I kind of miss those days when I already had in mind which websites I would visit even before getting online. It was so intentional, I used to be so fully in the moment. We went to those places because we knew they were nice places to go, nice places to be.

Now the steps got switched. I mindlessly get online and only then I ask myself: Well, now what?

It feels somewhat degrading. The Web before the content era, before all this paradigm of fluidity, always felt ever more purposeful. We... kind of expected that, whatever we would air online, it would be so only after a good dose of careful consideration. It was a silent agreement: Carefully crafted content for considerate attentive visitors.

We would even have widely open, very public guestbooks for anyone to sign!

And... It used to be completely fine. People tended to be more civil and polite, back then.

The idea of infinite scrolling would have certainly felt very out of place.

I don't want an unending stream of infinite content.

All I want is a nice place to be.